Plug-In Kit for Toyota Prius: Powering Your Home or Charging Your Toyota Prius Just Got Easier

Do you own a Toyota Prius? You may have noticed a number of benefits to owning this vehicle. For one, it is extremely fuel-efficient and your hybrid car claims to be better for the environment. BUT, did you know your Prius can also be used as an alternate power source in the event you lose power in your home during a storm?

Now there’s no need to buy a portable generator and store cans of gasoline around your garage. Shade Tree Garage can install a special converter that turns your hybrid Prius into a Plug-In hybrid Prius. You can then use your car to bring power into your home when a storm, or super storm, takes out the power. It’s size and capabilities makes this converter an elegant solution.

Contact Shade Tree Garage today for more information and to schedule installation of a Plug-In kit for your Toyota Prius.