Shade Tree Garage Helps You Take the Best Possible Care of Your Older Vehicle

When you own an older vehicle, you want to make sure it is well cared for and that the engine is running its best. At Shade Tree Garage we’ve made a commitment to keeping up with the latest technology. We also take preventative maintenance seriously and give our customers the best advice on how to maintain their car, truck or van for its lifetime. That’s why we recently started distributing a special oil additive for older cars (engines made before 1974) known as ZDDP (Zinc dialkyl-Ditio-Phosphate).

Why is ZDDP important for my older car engine?

If you have an older car (pre-1974), its engine design requires the use of ZDDP. Without it, your car could be damaged by the use of the modern motor oils. Remember when they removed lead from gasoline? This was done to protect the environment, but in actuality the older car engines ran better with lead in the gas. In recent years, the oil companies were forced to remove ZDDP from their motor oils because manufacturers must warranty catalytic converters for over 100,000 miles. They found the ZDDP additive shortened the life span of the catalytic converter and would void the manufacturer’s warranty on newer cars. What they didn’t realize is that the removal of the ZDDP would cause engine problems in older vehicles.

So where does this leave the owner of an older car?

It’s very simple. When you bring your older car in to Shade Tree Garage for its periodic maintenance and have its oil changed, we can add ZDDPlus to the motor oil to protect your car’s engine. A single 4-oz. bottle of ZDDPlus provides the proper concentration for a 4- to 5-quart oil change. The minimal cost you will spend on this additive is well worth it when you consider you will be protecting the life and performance of your car’s engine.

To schedule your next oil change, or to come in and purchase the ZDDPlus additive, contact Shade Tree Garage in Morristown today.